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  • $15 million for a dedicated partnership fund for non-government organisations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community- controlled organisations
  • $65.5 million for more sustained health home visiting and antenatal support
  • $18.4 million to support healthier pregnancies, including health risk screening
  • $11.1 million to connect parents with essentials for thriving babies
  • $9 million for housing and holistic support for pregnant and parenting mothers
  • $4.1 million to expand weekly text messages to support child and parent wellbeing.
  • $29.9 million to embed Early Childhood Coordinators within existing child, family and community services
  • $20 million for family and early years school-based hubs in Aurukun and Kowanyama
  • $11.6 million to support tenancies for young parents with wraparound support including parenting education
  • $10.4 million to enhance mental health support for parents, partners and families
  • $71.4 million for enhanced child health development checks in priority locations in the first 5 years of life
  • $56.6 million for Enhanced Child Development Services in priority locations to improve the health and wellbeing of children with developmental concerns
  • $2 million to strengthen family connections through an early intervention program for families experiencing complex challenges.
  • $67.3 million for Behaviour Specialists in priority primary schools to support engagement in learning
  • $42.7 million for Family Support Coordinators in primary schools to support transitions from early childhood for a confident start to learning at school
  • $26.2 million to extend free kindy up to 30 hours per week for four-year- olds in discrete communities

Early Childhood Australia Chief Executive Officer, Sam Page said, ‘Supporting families with better integrated service delivery is important to ensure that every child and family is visible within service systems, and that they receive the advice, guidance, support, and access to services, such as high
quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) where they live.’

ECA believes that consultation and working with the early childhood sector will be important to deliver on the proposed reforms. Early childhood education and care (ECEC) services provide stability and constancy in the lives of young children and families. Early childhood educators, teachers and leaders work closely with children and families and ECA advocates for ongoing investment in initiatives which promote, recruitment and retention of the early childhood workforce. Investment is important in capability building through mentoring and professional development to build and sustain quality across the different complementary service types that make up the early childhood education and care sector.

ECA Queensland Committee Chair, Jason de Bakker said, ‘We know that early childhood is an incredibly important time in the lives of young children. The ECA Queensland Committee are encouraged by the funding and rollout of Putting Queensland Kids First and look forward to this investment translating to improved outcomes for Queensland children and families.’

Early Childhood Australia Chief Executive Officer, Sam Page concluded, ‘The $502 million announcement of the Queensland Government is welcomed by ECA as an investment in children, families and communities. This begins to address barriers in existing service delivery of the early childhood development system. Early Childhood Australia advocate for ongoing investment for system reform that reaches and improves outcomes for every child across Queensland.’