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How we choose to play

March 24, 2023
Research tells us that play is the brain’s favoured way to learn. It also shows…
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Stapelstein stacking stones and boards inspire preschoolers to MOVE!

February 21, 2023
As the distributor for Stapelstein, Treelight Toys is delighted to offer a bright range of…
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How two school teachers created a toy empire

December 6, 2022
All too often the educational value of a toy feels like an afterthought. Instead, superficial…
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The original, Australian play sofa for kids who dream big!

December 1, 2022
My NooK is the original Australian modular play sofa with 10 individual pieces and unique…
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How to encourage independent play and self-regulation in children

November 21, 2022
Are you looking to extend the amount of time that children play independently? Independent play…
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Open-ended play with The Creative Toyshop

November 17, 2022
At The Creative Toy Shop, we are passionate about creative open-ended play and we stock…