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As the distributor for Stapelstein, Treelight Toys is delighted to offer a bright range of ‘stacking stones’ and balance boards for the first time to Child Care centres in Australia and New Zealand!

Stapelstein has been very carefully developed for the wellbeing of the child in Early Childhood Education settings:  these brilliantly designed products bring endless open ended play opportunities for the children in your care, inspiring creative and healthy movement.

Children naturally want to move and will find ways to do so given the opportunity wherever they find themselves: indoors, outdoors, in all weather and all contexts!

Founder and creator Stephan Schenk captures the essence underpinning Stapelstein in this way: “Free movement promotion is based on independent exploration and discovery. This nourishes the child’s basic need for learning through movement.”

As educators know, movement is absolutely essential for healthy early childhood development: using these ‘stacking stones’ and boards builds balance, spatial awareness, gross motor skills, confidence and wellbeing, imagination, as well as communication skills when more than one child is present – all important capacities for growing little children.

Find your balance with one foot or two, rock from side to side, create a tower, hop from board to board without touching the ground or sit and wobble  – these stacking boards offer unlimited dynamic movement options!

In our increasingly ‘tech’ focused home lives, supporting and protecting the needs and rights of young children to move in play is facilitated through the introduction of the Stapelstein range.

So many choices to suit your space, large or small:

  • Individual stacking stones (18 colours).
  • Boards (7 colours).
  • Sets of 3, 6  or 8 in a range of colour palettes.

Stapelstein products are:

  • Versatile: the number of ways they can be used in an indoor or outdoor space only limited by the child’s imagination.
  • Aesthetically pleasing:  choose from 18 beautiful colours or sets to build your own individual collection!
  • Hard wearing: no sharp corners, water, UV resistant, each weighing 180gms and able to withstand loads up to 180kg;
  • Designed for safe stacking: intelligently designed for easy storage in kindergartens/day care settings. Stack in the corner or take them out to play in a local park using the Stapelstein carry bag. Dimensions: diameter = 27.5 cm, height = 12 cm
  • Ethically produced: these stacking stones/boards can be 100 per cent recycled, are made of resource-saving EPP (expanded polypropylene), are produced in Germany and manufactured using only pure air and steam, without any without plasticisers or additives.