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The importance of providing fresh filtered air into child care establishments.

Ventis Pty Ltd is manufacturer and distributor of recognised “Fresh Filtered Air” ventilation equipment for over 10 years. Ventis is an Australian business based in Campbelltown NSW and has over 2000 NSW customers who we service on an ongoing basis.

Ventis fully supports the recent COVID-19 advice from the NSW Government on the importance fresh air in early childhood education environments and recommendations that outside spaces and open windows should be used as much as possible. We also agree with the guidelines set out in the recent Children’s Early Learning Australia (CELA) article “Why Ventilation is Vital” by CEO Michele Carnegie, based on the paper produced by OzSAGE.

Ventis has developed excellent technology that meets criteria outlined in the CELA and OzSAGE article by supplying fresh filtered air into rooms under all circumstances as well as overcoming issues in areas where open windows may not be suitable, such as in schools and child care centers adjacent to busy highways (noise and pollution), or in places susceptible to dust and pollen storms, damp environments where mould spores proliferate, cold blustery winter weather and in areas prone to strong hot winds in summer etc.

The Ventis system offers many advantages over the traditional re-circulation of stale air as is the case for most air conditioning systems and Room Air Purifiers.

These advantages include: 

Continuous fresh air

The Ventis system continuously brings fresh filtered air into the building under positive pressure and uniformly pushes stale air out (at least two times per hour). In contrast, most room air purifiers rely on recirculating and filtering stale air within the room and unassisted (non-positive pressure) air changes through open windows and doors. Ventis uses the same standard of filtration as Room Air Purifiers.

Suitable for high risk areas

Ventis does not contain any flammable coolant fluid (as with air conditioning equipment), meaning it can be used in high bushfire risk areas. 

Cost efficient

Low energy costs (around 30 cents per fan per day); the thermostat controllers allow the system to be left on overnight to clean the air for a fresh air environment to start the next day.

Premium filters

Ventis uses either premium filters which filter out particulates and aerosols up to .01 of a micron at 98.5 per cent efficiency OR Australian Made MERV13 filters which filter out particulates and aerosols of .03 of a micron at 90 per cent efficiency. Both types also filter out bad odour bacteria. In contrast to another room air purifier, all the air that enters a room from a Ventis system is fully filtered.


Even air flow

Ventis air outlet vents are located near or in the centre of the ceiling of a room, providing even filtered air flow for the whole room. In contrast, other room air purifiers are portable and located on the floor usually away from the centre of a room which means they may not distribute filtered air evenly within the space and may filter different volumes of air depending on where they are positioned in the room. 



Ventis systems are also compatible with standard air conditioning units and can lower their running costs by pre-warming/pre-cooling the room.

Ventis systems were initially developed for sufferers of asthma, allergenic and respiratory conditions and in addition to removing COVID-19 pathogens, the side benefits of Ventis systems will add value to the health and comfort of children in all school rooms. This is particularly important in school rooms occupied by early learners who may be too young to be vaccinated and who are vulnerable to other contagious elements in confined spaces.

Ventis technical staff will be happy to assist you if you require further information.