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Open-ended resources, such as Connetix, encourage child-lead play. When there is no set way for children to play, it opens up a world of opportunity for children to explore their creativity and imagination. Watch as children create tall towers, exciting new worlds, coin drops, bridges and castles!

Connetix Tiles was launched in 2019 by two Australian families who value the power of high quality, open-ended toys that support children as they learn and develop. The company co-founders Brea and Dave first met when their children started primary school together. After seeing how their children not only loved playing with magnetic tiles, but were learning while doing so, the pair saw an opportunity in the magnetic tile market, to launch a safe, highquality product, with a twist.

Brea is an experienced, Masters qualified Early Childhood Educator and mother of three. She is incredibly passionate about children learning through play and the power of open-ended resources. Dave is a businessman with a strong financial and entrepreneurial background combined with 5 years working as a mechanical designer in engineering offices. He has extensive experience with manufacturing and shipping quality products. Together, Brea and Dave combined their passion and skills to launch Connetix.

Connetix are uniquely bevelled magnetic tiles that offer clearer refractions and promote learning through play. Manufactured with quality, food grade plastic and the inclusion of extra rivets and ultrasonic welding, Connetix tiles are stronger and safer for little hands to discover the wonders of open-ended play.

Simply by manipulating Connetix magnetic tiles, children will develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. Connetix will also expose children to a range of socialemotional learning experiences, including collaborative learning, teamwork and the development of empathy, resilience and perseverance.

Furthermore, as a STEAM certified toy, children are able to explore science, technology, engineering, art and mathematic concepts in an integrated and enriching way each time they play. It is this form of exploration that encourages children to develop a deeper understanding of STEAM learning concepts such as magnetism, gravity, shapes, colour, counting, stability and design.

Passion for learning extends throughout Connetix, as almost one third of Connetix employees are parents who are Masters’ qualified primary and early childhood educators. This unique expertise allows Connetix to offer inspiration, ideas and support to customers, retailers and educators to assist them in furthering the learning that can be accomplished with Connetix.

As part of this, Connetix create educational blog posts, videos and insights that are shared across the Connetix website and social media channels.Since their launch Connetix has expanded their product range to include exclusive designs such as bevelled car bases that include real rubber wheels, large hexagon tiles, a signature clear fluted ball run design, and a unique pastel range that boasts eight beautiful, earthy, pastel colours.

Connetix are set to continue expanding their awardwinning range, with four new packs released since the start of 2022, including three new Base Plate Packs and a brand-new Clear Range.

Connetix innovative ideas and product range has garnered global recognition, seeing the brand receive both nominations and several coveted awards in the toy industry. This includes being named the 2022 STEAM/ Educational Toy of the Year as awarded by the Australian Toy Association and a nomination for Toy of the Year in the Creative Category at the 2022 New York Toy Fair.

Connetix magnetic tiles are not only fun for children in a range of different age groups, but they also provide an opportunity for children to discover STEAM learning principles in an interactive way.

If your centre hasn’t already discovered the joy that Connetix play provides, you can learn more about our education discount at, or head over to social media to see the remarkable community Connetix have inspired.