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The modern commercial kitchen equipment trusted by leading brands and businesses, perfect for ensuring the future leaders of tomorrow are well-fed today.

Who are we?

The Moffat story began in the 1920’s to a time of early development of cooking and baking within Australia and New Zealand. From the earliest of times, our factories have produced commercial ovens, ranges, cooktops, and fryers for the local markets, and you can still see them being used in many of the most influential and respected kitchens today.

After many years of hard work, Moffat’s main manufacturing plant was moved from Philipstown, an inner suburb of Christchurch, to Rolleston, where innovations over the years have produced well-known brands installed across commercial kitchens and bakeries, such as: 

  • Turbofan Convection oven platforms, with key clients including Subway and McDonald’s McCafé 
  • Rotel rotating deck ovens, a key client being Bakers Delight 
  • The Genesis Automated baking system 
  • Waldorf and Waldorf Bold Heavy-duty commercial cooking equipment 
  • Blue Seal Evolution Heavy-duty commercial cooking equipment 
  • Cobra and Cobra Asia Commercial cooking equipment

The Moffat Group is a global company that manufactures commercial food service, bakery, and meal delivery equipment. For Moffat, it’s not just about the products we offer, we are dedicated to working with our clients to provide a wide range of value-added services worldwide to meet their changing needs in a competitive market. Moffat offers additional services from a team of industry trade sale professionals, skilled customer service staff, and a well-trained technical department that is supported by a licensed service division.

Moffat for child care facilities


If your facility has limited space, or you simply need more oven space, the Turbofan COMBI can take your kitchen to a whole new level of productivity! Packing a whole lot of intuitive functionality and raw power into its compact footprint, the Turbofan COMBI can steam, roast, cook, grill and fry all in one small but mighty machine.

Sealed with double-glazed doors and thermo-reflective tempered glass, the air cavity within the door prevents heat radiation from reaching users and protects any wondering kiddies that may find themselves within reach.

Waldorf 800 series

The Waldorf 800 series continues the tradition of all Waldorf products with their bulletproof performance and dependability, alongside a wide range of European inspired equipment that redefines how the ultimate kitchen should be.

Waldorf commercial kitchen equipment configurations offer more features and more combinations. This means more options and unlimited creative possibilities. Cleaner lines and consistency in modular design across the entire range enable units to fit together to create an almost seamless kitchen workspace.

The Waldorf 800 series includes anything from cooktops to griddle toasters, pasta cookers to deep fryers – anything and everything your facility needs to feed the hungry tots!


Washing up can be a hinderance for one bowl of cereal, let alone 30+ cups and plates from young, messy eaters! Our range of sustainable Washtech commercial dishwashers define the ware-washing of today, typically containing the most powerful wash pumps to ensure high performance and quick clean up times.

Our machines are handmade, fully-welded, and offer consistently thick and durable stainless steel tank construction. The copper rinse tanks are designed to withstand even the harshest water conditions and are built to last.

With the pandemic hot on our heels, our Washtech machines can bring peace of mind, containing multiple filtration systems for superior wash performance, with the guarantee of water heating to temperatures that ensure effective sanitation.

Moffat IQ

What is Moffat iQ? Well, it’s a professional kitchen and bakery advice; so, if you’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers! At Moffat iQ, we’re up with the latest trends and understand the latest technology and global best practice. And, because we understand just how costly and complex a commercial set up can be, particularly in cases where money is already tight, we can make sure you get it right the first time!

Essentially, it’s a free service that is backed by an unmatched reputation and unparalleled resources that Moffat has to offer. This is how we are investing back into the industry that has supported our business for many years. No matter what your challenge, we have a Moffat iQ professional that can guide you through the process.

Best in the industry!

Moffat works with the best in the industry. Our industry business partners and skilled trade professionals can assist from the initial planning stage, design stage, and building phase, right through to the completion of a new bespoke kitchen or even the ability to update and remodel an existing one for any child care facility!

To find out more or to speak to one of our industry specialists to determine the best option to suit your needs, simply visit our website or contact us